Deaths of two Middle East leaders in the same week attracted weighted coverage – few learned the legacy of Sheikh Zayed

Throughout his life, Sheikh Zayed remained relatively unknown and underexposed by media outside the general perimeter of his country (smaller than Maine); organizations or countries to which he donated billions in financial assistance, goods, services or facilities; and in Britain, Spain, and Switzerland where he maintained homes. Then again, at the dignifying age of 85, he may have wanted to exit quietly, as throughout his life he seemed generally to follow the proper course of a traditional Muslim. He remained accessible while going about his business without generating inordinate fanfare. Indeed, how many in the West were aware that he was one of the wealthiest men in the world? How many fewer could describe any of the amazing things he did to help people throughout it?

Aerial strafing permanently subdued menacing marauders in Yemen, in 1940

Officer Perowne describes in his letter a vast tribe of more than 60,000 notorious marauders who thrived by robbing nomadic traders of goods in their caravans. In their deep frustration, the traders approached the British regiment – who were strictly in the area for observation – for help. Initially they refused to provide any sort of aid, until one day the proverbial straw broke the camel’s back. As I believe others might find his observations interesting in a historical sense and enlightening in a social sense, I present Officer Perowne’s letter herewith. So, put your imagination in Officer Perowne’s desert office and enjoy this rare opportunity to see how a band of 60,000 – not 40,000 – lawless thieves were brought under control.