Mandarin Patisserie

Two years ago, Vivek arrived in Dubai carrying the strongest faith and clearest evidence, buttressed by his having seen encouraging media images of thousands of construction cranes stacking steel girders upon sand, that in Dubai he would quickly earn a fantastic living in any of its alluring realms of finance, technology, media, property or even the arts.
So again tonight, he lathered himself with broken bits of Imperial Leather dreams. He dragged his forearm across his eyes. Even if he could square all of his debts and would be forgiven by everyone whose lives he’d messed up because of what he owed, Vivek knew he would never feel redeemed.
Still, he’d reached the point where he couldn’t hold all their dreadful problems in his head. If he did, he wouldn’t be able to take a step forward; standing still was deadly.
In analyzing his new reptilian coldness, he wouldn’t say that a hard selfishness had come to rule his emotions. It was just that, at this point, he couldn’t let himself collapse into a bundle of vibrating nerves in some corner.
But one painful facet of remorse stayed with him. He would never be able to bear the shame brought on by what he surmised must be that emotion’s origin, the unheeded dictate of an Indian mother. When he told his that he’d be moving to Dubai, she simply said ‘Don’t go.’

Manipulating Irony

Mark and Marilyn Blaine act on faith in their statistical compilation of irony presented in the patterns of people’s lives. They’re certain that by turning their relatively healthy financial situation upside down, they’ll be able to make it much, much better.

The Aggressor

Naj: The water doesn’t seem to drain well up there. Why doesn’t someone call a plumber?
Prisoners: Laughter
Card Player 3: Hey! Outside, I AM a plumber! And I know, that with the amount of thick curly black hair from all these beasts stuck in that drain, you’d need to use your sister’s lips to suck it out.
Naj: Did you say my SISTER?

Mr. Buffy Makes Friends

‘I don’t know what to do today,’ whined Mr. Buffy as he strrretched out on his cat bed early one morning. ‘It’s hard moving to a new place and wanting to play outside with friends, especially when you don’t even know anybody!’