How much assistance do you need when buying a lipstick? A tale of a marketing tactic FAIL

While gaily imagining the expression of delight on my mother’s face upon her opening a parcel containing the darling bottle of L’Air du Temps that I cradle in my hands, imagining her twisting open its tiny cap of a crystalline bird in flight, do I really seem like I just might want to have my precious thoughts crudely interrupted by Bambi or Aurora whining Madaaaam, Poisonnnn???

MECHANYZD set to muscle back into Dubai rock scene led by renowned crowd-teaser Harris Dio Smith

Harris’ savage pipes are duly reinforced in Mechanyzd by muscled lead guitarist Shannon Beckx, whose herculean yet tensile renderings of the manifold Whole Lotta Love, Thunderstruck, Highway Star, Eruption, November Rain, Innuendo, or even guilty rhythmic reggae pleasures of Redemption Song, Three Little Birds, and Buffalo Soldier keep crowds gawkin’ and groovin’.