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Maxcon Solutions – A NetSuite Affiliate Providing Financial Expertise

For years we observed stodgy, hand-wringing CEOs and managers all over Dubai unable to even know how to make the right business decisions, and we found their struggle due partially to their inability to access information fundamental to key decision-making that leads to profit-making, stability, and growth. 

We saw a need to address business problems comprehensively, not just throw confusing IT software at them and then run away (something else we observed going on here). 

We are business professionals ourselves with experience that gives us the nerve to step up and help business leaders like you to either run a competent team or to outsource competent staff you can trust all while running streamlined efficient software that gives you instant, finger-tip access to critical information. 

In the same way we had the smarts and guts to take action to fill this important market gap in the business community by starting Maxcon Solutions – a NetSuite affiliate, we have the smarts and guts to provide you with dozens of ways to run a much more efficient and profitable business. 

Within this brochure you can find information about our key services including Financial Advisory and Finance Outsourcing and Shared Services. You’ll also see how we can help you get in line with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and how to be ready to properly handle the upcoming Value-Added Tax (VAT). We also let you know about our proud affiliation with NetSuite.

Now you know the why about what we do. To learn how we can help you, you can arrange a meeting at your offices by calling us on 04-320-7181 or simply drop a line by email at .

Maxcon Solutions

Because being the best requires maximum control

Understanding the Maxcon Solutions – NetSuite Relationship

NetSuite ranks among the top-ten integrated business service – or enterprise resource providers (ERPs), so we feel honored that they chose Maxcon Solutions as one of their affiliates in the Middle East. But we want you to know that before NetSuite chose us, we chose NetSuite.

Our experience using other so-called integrated business software providers showed us hands-down that NetSuite offered the most complete, comprehensive, and cleanest system for managing all business operations on the market. Its offerings are far too many to be at all adequately described here, but they can be gleaned by a visit to their website at

Once you take a look at their site, then you’ll understand that because we have the full backing of this dynamic company, we’ve got some pretty fancy bragging rights. You want assurance and we’re here to give it. Our affiliation with NetSuite exists because we’ve proven to them that we know what we’re doing. And just like NetSuite, which, like any good business continually adapts to meet and anticipate requirements of companies, we do too.

If you’re a small or medium enterprise bogged down in disorganized invoices, missing orders, losing track of a range of information because of sloppy spreadsheets, and failing to follow up to with clients to ensure their satisfaction, we’ll provide you with a tidy solution that is fast, proven, and tailored.

And, the best thing is, on top of all this, we’ll be there to provide our regular services: Financial Advisory and Financial Outsourcing and Shared Services.  

To arrange a meeting at your offices to discuss NetSuite or our Financial Advisory, Outsourcing or Shared Services, you can call us on 04-320-7181 or simply drop a line by email at .

Maxcon Solutions

Because being the best requires maximum control

Maxcon’s Staff Outsourcing and Shared Services

One glance at Dubai’s popular outsourcing website, Dubizzle, is a handy barometer to answer the most popular question asked on the street, which is: How’s business?

Of many conspicuous details long noticeable on the site is the fact that the position most outsourced is that of accountant

Sure, companies scoop up their hundreds of receipts into empty shoeboxes and drop these on the laps of unaccounted for accountants who use Peachtree software to log the company spend, but is their bean-counting and number-crunching all your company really needs? Their work is the equivalent of sweeping a floor; once it’s done, it looks pretty, but the effort doesn’t result in profit and it won’t be long before it’s messy again and the annoying procedure starts over with the same go-nowhere result.

As Dubai’s market and your business mature, you need to free your mind to focus on creative avenues of growth and work with like-minded professionals who keep the business powering forward, not turning in sad circles.  

 Maxcon outsourcing services expands beyond mere accounting to exploring cost-reduction and making processes run more efficiently in order to drive growth.

Pairing their work with NetSuite systems, they will reduce the cycle it takes to close books, and better benchmark and baseline financial processes to help you forecast growth and meet regulatory requirements for internal audits. Applying the analytics our staffers bring to the table will help you better understand your spending habits throughout the supply chain in order to help you standardize procedures company-wide and control budgets.

Clarifying compliance and enforcing rules will help prevent employees from making costly mistakes.

These days, smaller companies are taking advantage of our expertise and developing solutions that allow them to gain maximum control of their operations, and cost benefits are quickly realized. 

Because you’ll have set high expectations, you’ll find yourself managing your outsourced staff more stringently than ever. The great professional teamwork will reflect in continuous improvement in their accounting and finance operations, while key players in your company can focus on core competencies.

To arrange a meeting at your offices to discuss our Outsourcing or Shared Services, you can call us on 04-320-7181 or simply drop a line by email at .

Maxcon Solutions

Because being the best requires maximum control

Maxcon’s Experts Provide Objective Financial Advisory Services 

According to a study done by The American College of Financial Services, six out of ten small business owners have not consulted with a financial advisor because they don’t understand how a financial advisor can help them and don’t believe they have time to waste to meet with one. 

So, we’re starting with that dose of negativity to let you know we get it.

We don’t even want to waste our own time, much less that of anyone else. That’s why when we do sit down with clients, we hit the ground running.

We’re here to help you get organized and make you stand out in the crowd. Our experienced advisors take inspection, understand your processes and implement system improvements that will save you time and that will add value to your core production. 

And we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. We listen, we observe, and we tailor our advice. We care about your goals and will spend focused time ensuring you hit high marks of productivity and profitability.

Along with overseeing technological improvements and financial processes, we provide Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) training services. 

In this way we provide the most comprehensive financial package for our clients. We’ll help you or your staff not only to maintain regulatory financial compliance, but also to execute smart deals and manage negotiations and disputes. 

If necessary, our financial advisory services can extend to include analytic and forensic technology that protects you from fraudulent practices. Last but not least, our business intelligence services will provide you with business valuations, best ways to raise capital, and even useful, in-depth investment information about emerging markets. 

So, when is the best time for you to meet with Maxcon reps?

Whenever you’re ready.

To arrange a meeting at your offices to discuss our Financial Advisory Services, you can call us on 04-320-7181 or simply drop a line by email at .

Maxcon Solutions

Because being the best requires maximum control

Let Maxcon Get You Ready to Account for Dubai’s Value-Added Tax (VAT)

Rumors carried on long enough tend to cause listeners to stop listening, but confirmation about Dubai’s ever-looming implementation of a value-added tax was confirmed by the UAE Ministry of Finance Undersecretary Younis Haji Al Khoori to begin across the UAE and the GCC in 2018

And the question is, are you ready to handle it?

It’s not like you’ll be able to shrug it off. Globalization of banking systems and unifying standards of financial reporting like the IFRS will force your accounting hand. In other words, you haven’t got a choice; the world wants to know how much money you make and how much they can make from cutting into your sales – and with strict auditing rules in place, you’ll have to account for both.

To hit VAT revenue targets of between ten-to-twelve billion in the first year of its application, a rate of between 3 and 5 percent will be levied against items in various sectors, with the exception of healthcare, education, and ninety-four food items on which there will be no VAT.

“The VAT can be introduced once any two of the GCC countries are ready with their tax laws and present the same to the GCC Secretariat,” Al Khoori said. He noted that the UAE needed two years for the adoption of the law, and therefore saw the VAT being implemented in 2018.

He added that the UAE is considering a corporate tax. 

Maxcon representatives are trained and prepared to help your enterprise establish accounting practices that ensure government compliance with this upcoming regulation. 

To arrange a meeting at your offices to discuss implementation procedures that will allow your organization to properly account for the UAE’s upcoming value-added tax, you can call us on 04-320-7181 or simply drop a line by email at .

Maxcon Solutions

Because being the best requires maximum control

Maxcon Breaks down International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) – because they’re the LAW

A significant portion of the UAE economy is made up of family-owned businesses, and it wasn’t too long ago that granddad sat back in his dusty desert office watching his accountant heave an enormous ledger onto his desk to open and maintain checks and balances. If gramps wanted to quickly know how things were going, the best he could do was glance over the accountant’s shoulder. If he saw more red ink than black, the hand-wringing could begin because there was no way he could pinpoint problems in the network of possibilities. 

Anyone who remembers those days – and we all know we can still see them – knows what a slog it can be to get staid office systems to shift to the point where gramps’ CEO granddaughter can pick up a remote and while looking at a wall-mounted flat screen, click through a navigation system that lets her see which cookie cutter, diamond ring, drill bit or radial tire is selling best, where inventory is sufficient and deficient, and which salespersons earned the highest and lowest commissions.

Of course, such information goes beyond accounting requirements stated in Law No. 2.

The UAE Commercial Companies Law No. 2 came into force on July 1st, 2015. It requires all companies in the UAE to apply international accounting standards and practices when preparing their accounts. International Financial Reporting Statements (IFRS) Standards are required by the UAE Commercial Companies, listing rules of NASDAQ Dubai, Dubai Financial Services Authority, Dubai Financial Market PJSC, and the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange.

Actually, the UAE always required that companies be compliant with internationally accepted accounting practices, but Law No. 2 makes the details of this practice more specific and definitely more compulsory.  Fortunately or unfortunately, complying with Law No. 2 is what gets some businesses talking to us. Once they do, they get up to speed on the beautiful NetSuite* system of information gathering. 

Is your company there? Is your company fully compliant? Are you able to see at a glance whether the potato chips in the orange bags sell better than the ones in the green bags?

How about the really good news – even if you’re not there and feel you don’t have the staff to help you get there, we will not only hold your hand while implementing and training you to input and manage whatever information you require, we can also provide temporary staff to provide continuity as you go through this transition. 

To arrange a meeting at your offices to discuss IFRS regulations and implementation, you can call us on 04-320-7181 or simply drop a line by email at .

Maxcon Solutions

Because being the best requires maximum control

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