Boga Turkish Steakhouse


Another hot night in Dubai, and the heady scent of slow-roasting beef, grilling sirloin strips and succulent lamb kebabs wafts through the heavy oak door before you. Inhaling deeply, your eyes widen and licking your lips, you seize and pull its thick brass handle and open to a blast of orange, red, and indigo light dancing across the stucco walls cast from glass inserts in dangling brass lanterns. Your eyes drape across the broad parquet floor to a pod of big purple pillows that tempt you to skip dinner altogether so you can lounge there and simply feast on the eyes of that someone special smiling beside you who’s holding your hand. 

Through the window across from the rugged glass-covered wood tables and masculine stuffed leather chairs dressed up with colorful pillows, you notice festive lights strung among low-hanging branches of delicate trees on the terrace. And again, a childlike desire arises to rush outside, catch sight of the sea, and join the enviable gaggle of giggling sheesha aficionados who hold the secret of knowing how to relax. But as your gracious hostess smiles and guides you to your table and your waiter brings your sampler of meze, you decide to play by the rules and pace yourself. 

Boga Turkish Steakhouse can only offer the richest variety of distinctive culinary delights, because Turkey itself has been blessed by its location. It is surrounded on three sides by sandy beaches and seas teeming with seafood, and yet shares borders with eight distinctively culturally unique countries, Each region has been influenced by the other in every way, but especially gastronomically.

Sensuous, sumptuous, and seductive influences of Syria, Iran, Bulgaria, and Greece meld with bold, exotic flavors found in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia. 

So, Turkish cuisine was fusion before fusion was trendy, but what is it really? How can we describe this Turkish fare? 

Fresh, regionally sourced, creative, and tasty.

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