Mr. Buffy Makes Friends

By Nancy Collisson

‘Where did you live before?’ asked Fareeha the flamingo.

‘I’m from far away,’ Mr. Buffy said. ‘I used to live in the country and play with lots of friends. I miss them a lot.’

‘Oh, I know how lonely that can feel,’ she said. ‘I became separated from my flock long ago.’

‘That’s awful!’ said Mr. Buffy. ‘How did that happen?’

‘Well,’ said Fareeha, ‘the truth is, I liked it here beside the creek sooo much, that I sort of just quit flying. After a while, I ended up getting so fluffy, that I became, well, too fluffy to fly around anymore!’ I stayed here and made new friends,’ she said.

For a moment, Mr. Buffy and Fareeha both imagined the friends that the other was missing.

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