BUZZIN eliminates the buzz kills of buzzing in at every front desk you’ve ever hated.

You’re on your way to a meeting, and your momentum is fully charged to just plow through the big glass doors of an office tower, and go on up, right?

But, as always, suddenly you’re faced with the indignity of having to go full-steam adead and interrupt your focus at the dreaded reception desk; you simply must wait in a queue until you get your chance to complete the cumbersome process of signing into a sloppy log book.

Because this annoying task is something we do regularly, we tend to just accept it as a necessary part of the daily drag. But do we need to wait in a queue, handle a dirty and often dry pen that we have to find dangling at the end of a long string, and then use it to sign into an illegible log book? And let’s look at the situation from the side of building security; that log-in book is always filled with incorrect, inaccurate and made-up phone numbers like 867-5309 (which I always use), times, and names – so why do we bother with this ancient ritual?

Because we don’t know that VIE Technologies BUZZIN has eliminated this headache!

By pre-arranging a guest’s visit and requisite sign-in, correct details can be shared with reception personnel, so that guests can float through the reception area and step directly into the elevators that take them to your floor. Once at your door, if you’ve chosen to arrange this, they can simply open the door and step right on inside!

Life doesn’t wait, so why waste time at irritating procedural points when you can focus on simply meeting your daily objectives, targets, and goals?

BUZZIN can help!

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