When Tunisians Take Tough Life Out On Turtles, The IFAW Takes Action

The bulk of these turtle-smuggling operations takes place during the late summer, when Tunisians who’ve completed their homeland holidays collect these reptiles for their journeys back to their workplaces in Europe. Managing an under-the-table payment to a corrupt authority or simply getting lucky gives them the seedy opportunity to earn extra cash selling their hard-shelled hoardings to Europeans who generally regard these rare and exotic species as mere novelties. This is the case because the lifespan of a turtle in captivity may be only a few days or years, when in the wild, they can live for several decades.

Mandarin Patisserie

Two years ago, Vivek arrived in Dubai carrying the strongest faith and clearest evidence, buttressed by his having seen encouraging media images of thousands of construction cranes stacking steel girders upon sand, that in Dubai he would quickly earn a fantastic living in any of its alluring realms of finance, technology, media, property or even the arts.
So again tonight, he lathered himself with broken bits of Imperial Leather dreams. He dragged his forearm across his eyes. Even if he could square all of his debts and would be forgiven by everyone whose lives he’d messed up because of what he owed, Vivek knew he would never feel redeemed.
Still, he’d reached the point where he couldn’t hold all their dreadful problems in his head. If he did, he wouldn’t be able to take a step forward; standing still was deadly.
In analyzing his new reptilian coldness, he wouldn’t say that a hard selfishness had come to rule his emotions. It was just that, at this point, he couldn’t let himself collapse into a bundle of vibrating nerves in some corner.
But one painful facet of remorse stayed with him. He would never be able to bear the shame brought on by what he surmised must be that emotion’s origin, the unheeded dictate of an Indian mother. When he told his that he’d be moving to Dubai, she simply said ‘Don’t go.’

Maxcon IT Solutions

Sure, companies scoop up their hundreds of receipts into empty shoeboxes and drop these on the laps of unaccounted for accountants who use Peachtree software to log the company spend, but is their bean-counting and number-crunching all your company really needs? Their work is the equivalent of sweeping a floor; once it’s done, it looks pretty, but the effort doesn’t result in profit and it won’t be long before it’s messy again and the annoying procedure starts over with the same go-nowhere result.

Nakheel unleashes ire-breeding dragon as China-Dubai partnership heats up

Indeed, a dragon has awakened in the middle of the desert, but he’s begun to breathe ire down the necks of long-term Dubai-based expatriate business owners who now feel they compete at a greater disadvantage with Chinese goods, than they had previously with manufacturers of globally renowned branded products.
According to long-time Dubai-based textile wholesaler Sunil Bandari, the unique structure and opportunity afforded Chinese traders through the special relationship formalised between the Chinese and Dubai governments in 2003, makes businessmen who’ve been trading in Dubai nearly as long as he – 25 years – jittery.

Boga Turkish Steakhouse

Turkish cuisine is resplendent with tantalising, creative dishes that were a ‘fusion’ before fusion-cuisine became trendy.
Influenced by the gastronomical delights of seven surrounding countries, the head chef of Boga Turkish Steakhouse will ensure that each dish – from soups, appetisers, salads, main courses, grilled beef and lamb to desserts – will prove an exceptionally delicious and memorable affair.
Speciality main dishes served at Boga Turkish Steakhouse will be prepared with the finest most tender and juicy cuts of grilled or roasted beef and lamb,
But while luscious Boga burgers and kebabs will be the restaurant’s primary draw, Boga baklava won’t be overlooked as a menu highlight. Along with a range of traditional desserts, this classic of crushed walnuts, cinnamon and honey syrup layered over delicate sheets of buttered phyllo will be prepared fresh daily and served with a dollop of fresh vanilla ice cream.

Manipulating Irony

Mark and Marilyn Blaine act on faith in their statistical compilation of irony presented in the patterns of people’s lives. They’re certain that by turning their relatively healthy financial situation upside down, they’ll be able to make it much, much better.

Deaths of two Middle East leaders in the same week attracted weighted coverage – few learned the legacy of Sheikh Zayed

Throughout his life, Sheikh Zayed remained relatively unknown and underexposed by media outside the general perimeter of his country (smaller than Maine); organizations or countries to which he donated billions in financial assistance, goods, services or facilities; and in Britain, Spain, and Switzerland where he maintained homes. Then again, at the dignifying age of 85, he may have wanted to exit quietly, as throughout his life he seemed generally to follow the proper course of a traditional Muslim. He remained accessible while going about his business without generating inordinate fanfare. Indeed, how many in the West were aware that he was one of the wealthiest men in the world? How many fewer could describe any of the amazing things he did to help people throughout it?

What factors really drive Japanese to save 20 percent of their income?

By the time Allied economic missions took the reins of Japan’s economy into their own hands, Japan had already begun to establish trends indicative of the stabilization, increased productivity, and growth the missions were sent to provide. Furthermore, when these missions attempted to alter Japan’s economic strategies, officials in the Ministry of Finance clung to most of the economic adaptations they had already made.
The Japanese achieved economicsuccess on their own terms,terms that were grounded in traditions handed down to them by their ancestors.
This fact is undeniable, and it should not be ignored.


I’m writing a cross-genre story that combines treasure hunting, romance, and the occult. Working title: Necromancing the Stone.

The Aggressor

Naj: The water doesn’t seem to drain well up there. Why doesn’t someone call a plumber?
Prisoners: Laughter
Card Player 3: Hey! Outside, I AM a plumber! And I know, that with the amount of thick curly black hair from all these beasts stuck in that drain, you’d need to use your sister’s lips to suck it out.
Naj: Did you say my SISTER?

Mr. Buffy Makes Friends

‘I don’t know what to do today,’ whined Mr. Buffy as he strrretched out on his cat bed early one morning. ‘It’s hard moving to a new place and wanting to play outside with friends, especially when you don’t even know anybody!’


BUZZIN eliminates the buzz kills of buzzing in at every front desk you’ve ever hated. You’re on your way to…

Health costs are too high for cheap gender-bending polyester – it’s high time that hemp replace it

Saudis might take particular heed to this dire information as, according to Dr. Mona Mustafa in an article in the Saudi Gazette of May 10, 2009, one in five children in Saudi Arabia is born a hermaphrodite. Even if the gross rate of this abnormality is related, as is generally believed, to tribal-based intersex marriage, it can’t help that petroleum-derivative products could be increasing or exacerbating it. Phthalates are also related to diabetes, which can lead to kidney disease. Currently, Saudi Arabia ranks sixth in the world for rates of death by kidney disease.

Plant-based phytogenics threaten big pharma’s pull on big ag, opening lucrative feed industry to emerging markets and eager investors

Anyone who has ever observed the reaction of a dog or cat five minutes after its having eaten grass can understand that phytogenics (plant-based compounds) generate healthy gut flora, protect animals from pathogens – pathogens that they typically expel by vomiting on your living room carpet. The use of phytogenics – plant-based compounds – in animal feed similarly, then, eliminates the need for expensive anti-fungals, de-worming agents, parasiticides, and anti-biotics in livestock. This point is particularly poignant when we recognize the fact that the USDA and the EU Livestock Feeding For Health In A New Era have now nearly banned all use of non-essential and especially growth-promoting anti-biotics on farm animals.

Paranoia over pot and medical marijuana leaves most countries high and dry

The level of paranoia over a plant with a four-thousand year history of serving as a curative – while being cheap as dirt, not requiring pesticides to grow in a range of climates, that can be used to make more than 50,000 items, and that can be woven with resins to become more than 20 times stronger than steel, is downright laughable. Any country that has started at least a medical marijuana tourism industry is laughing all the way to the bank, however.

What a drag! Sheesha smoking is an oral tradition that should go up in smoke

Sheesha, shysha, shisha.
No matter how you smell it, you know what it is: a fascinating conduit for convivial socialization that has been used for centuries particularly in Arab countries, Persia, and north India. And although there may be something seductive about the ritual involved in smoking from a sheesha (as I spell it) water-pipe — from its evocative hour-glass shape, gurgle of water, and obvious oral fixative — there is little that can be considered sensuous about the confirmed dangers to health that are associated with it.

Not Grandma’s generics, ‘biosimilars’ require regulating oversight, so we know what they really contain

This scenario serves to remind us how little our characters change as we grow up. As adults, making life-and-death decisions about our health, we come to accept promises in the forms of scientific-sounding brand names pasted on containers stuffed inside of boxes that contain tissue paper inserts of information about the contents of these items written in size-6 fonts.

Find the dirty truth of going green in China’s toxic Lake Baotou, which holds 180 million tons of the ugly REEality

… the Senkaku Incident led government and corporate leaders throughout the world to take moral stock of their fairly idiotic presumptuous dependence on and vulnerability to China by relying solely on these resources that have become essential to life. The critical value of China’s REEs to maintaining growth of green and high-tech sectors was especially alarming, awakening an immediate search for new REEs suppliers and sites. It was to become a frenzied activity that unsurprisingly led the observant opportunistic to take advantage of their frantic despair.

Aerial strafing permanently subdued menacing marauders in Yemen, in 1940

Officer Perowne describes in his letter a vast tribe of more than 60,000 notorious marauders who thrived by robbing nomadic traders of goods in their caravans. In their deep frustration, the traders approached the British regiment – who were strictly in the area for observation – for help. Initially they refused to provide any sort of aid, until one day the proverbial straw broke the camel’s back. As I believe others might find his observations interesting in a historical sense and enlightening in a social sense, I present Officer Perowne’s letter herewith. So, put your imagination in Officer Perowne’s desert office and enjoy this rare opportunity to see how a band of 60,000 – not 40,000 – lawless thieves were brought under control.

How much assistance do you need when buying a lipstick? A tale of a marketing tactic FAIL

Lost in thought at the perfume counter, imagining the gay face of my mother upon her spritizing the pretty bottle of L’Air du Temps that I cradle in my hands, imagining her twisting open its tiny cap of a crystalline bird in flight, do I really seem like I just might want shopgirls Bambi or Aurora whining Madaaaam, you try Poisonnnn???

Why are we MEAN to the nicest, smartest, and most helpful people? René Girard’s ‘Mimetic Theory’​ explains this primitive inclination

According to Girard, mimetic desire, rivalry, and metaphysical violence are natural factors that emerge among people operating with base behavior in any partnership or group. Primitive people cannot help but react to their need for social harmony by continually finding scapegoats to sacrifice in order to maintain a sense of peace within the group or partnership – however temporary.

It’s not rising SEA levels, it’s lowering SAND levels – high time to regulate the (mafia) sand trade that scoops up shorelines and aquatic habitats under the cloak of ‘climate change’

The dirtiest part of this secret is the very fact that information about it is kept buried in the sand. No international monitoring agency exists to track it or to provide clear reliable information about how much sand aggregate is being extracted, from where, to where it’s being taken, and for what purposes.

What do raspberry food flavoring and insulin have in common? They – and much more – are made from E. coli

For the past sixty years and last twenty in particular, scientists have studied and manipulated E. coli until they managed to alter its DNA and make it suitable to use as processing aids in foods and medicines. An $8.2-billion global enzyme industry emerged, and like the E.coli that proliferated, it too grew, supplying the food and beverage sector, and providing enzymes for cleaning products, animal feed, health therapies, and fuel.